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Our Company

Established in 1992, Pyramid Networking Group provides complete installation and support for both network and stand-alone systems. We work with a number of different product brands and supply you with complete system support. This includes installation, training, operational procedures, system administration functions, and post-installation maintenance.

Our Commitment to You

Only a thorough analysis of your existing systems and procedures will reveal the optimal solution in terms of manageability, cost, and efficiency. After setting qualified standards, we continue our commitment to you with continued maintenance, support, and service.

Building long-term relationships with individuals, businesses, and the community is part of our commitment to excellence. Business and residential customers can come to us for assistance, and we stand behind our service. Our job is to make sure you are satisfied.

Outsourced IT Support

If your company cannot justify hiring a full-time IT person to work on site, we are the company to help you. Pyramid Networking Group offers complete design and installation of networks utilizing the latest Microsoft® products, and our services are suitable for small companies. Let us take care of all the requirements including, installing a firewall, securing the network, your services can be installed internal, in the cloud or both.

IT Team

Learn About Vrej Garapetian

Vrej began by building and selling PCs and peripheral equipment, and then transitioned into network services. 
 He had a niche for computers and IT consulting is something he enjoys.

Vrej was right there in the beginning of the IT revolution, when network security software first hit the market.  When print sharing and servers became commonplace, and newer products arrived on the market, Vrej adapted them in innovative ways and offered these services to his clients.Now he's setting up networks and cloud services to enhance clients' cloud computing abilities, and he focuses on small to mid-sized businesses in the Boston, Massachusetts, area.